Hopefully some basic questions can be answered below:

  1. Where will the videos play?  The videos will stream on virtually any mobile device!  Enjoy watching them wherever you go!
  2. How do I join?  Simply click the “join now” link at the top of the website and follow the instructions – once your username, password and payment are completed, you will have full access to play all the videos on the website
  3. Where is the Members area?  Whether you join or not, you’ll always be able to see the Members area right at the front page of the website.  That way you’ll always know what’s being added!  Only paying members can actually access and unlock the Members videos to play.
  4. Does this website contain any nudity?  We specialize in foot tease streaming videos, there is no nudity on this website.
  5. Which browser works best for streaming the videos?  The best browsers to use would be Firefox or Chrome.
  6. Why you have a foot fetish?  Because you’re awesome!

More to come…