You’re Mine Forever Little Man

You just broke up with your girlfriend Jade.  You were together for quite a while but she seemed to be getting a little crazy so you decided to end it before things got too out of hand.  This video begins with you at your apartment minding your own business when you hear your door open.  “That’s strange”, you think to yourself.  But before you can get up to see who it is your ex girlfriend Jade appears holding a key in front of her.  You forgot that you had given her a key to your place!
She looks angry but before you can say anything she tells you that she will always find you.  She tells you that you are hers and that you will always be with her.  You realize that you weren’t wrong with her being a little nuts.  You are about to put your foot down and explain to her that it’s over between you two. However, before you can she interrupts you and says that she found a way to make sure that you never leave her again…
She pulls out her phone, points it at you, and electricity seems to fill the air!  Your whole body jolts and and you begin to feel funny.  Jade smiles as you stumble, shrink to the floor and pass out.  When you come to to try your best to gather your surroundings.  You look to your left and see Jade’s massive sandals laying on the floor next to you.  Judging from there size you stand only a tiny inch tall!  What has this crazy woman done!!
All of a sudden from your peripheral vision you catch something moving across the room.  As it comes into view you realize it is your ex’s bare feet and long legs slowly striding towards you.  You gaze up at her.  She is as tall as a building and you can barely believe your eyes.  She crouches down, her long blonde hair flowing down over you and says with a smirk, “See.. I told you I’d find a way to keep you forever..”
Release date:April 3, 2021
Last updated:April 3, 2021
File format:MP4
File size:1.1GB
Length:14 Mins, 1 Sec