Tag: Wrinkled Soles

A blast from the past, here is Lexi showing off her perfect barefoot and wrinkled sole in your face!

Price: $1.99

Two models we worked with many years ago, Trinity and Destiny are sitting on a bench at a local park posing their barefeet for the camera!

Price: $5.99

Monique rests her barefeet on the table while checking her phone.  Great views of her soles and wrinkles!  Nice pov crush at the end...

Price: $4.25

Monique watches a little video on her phone while we watch her in "the pose".  Great sole and wrinkle views!

Price: $7.25

Abigail models her bare soles while she sits in the car.  Great wrinkled sole views and foot posing.  Awesome closeups!

Price: $4.99

Abigale is relaxing her barefeet on our coffee table while she watches TV.  Get some great closeups of her bare soles and toes!

Price: $5.99

Watch Scarlet Jay relax on the couch while we perv on her feet in some really cool closeups and pov angles!

Price: $4.25

Rosaleah relaxes on the couch while we film and study her barefoot poses.  Great views and macro closeups!

Price: $7.99

Watch and listen to Rosaleah as she talks to you about her soles as she poses them for you to gaze at!  Great ASMR video!

Price: $2.25

Watch model Jenn sit while posing her barefeet in all kinds of angles and closeups!

Price: $5.25