Tag: Soles

Another video shot back in 2002 with model, Tienne.  We worked with her just once, but she really had a thing for showing off her feet!  Great dangling and bare sole modeling!

Price: $9.99

More Erica showing off her bare soles in this legacy clip filmed back in 2002!!!

Price: $7.99

Watch Camilla and Shelby chat in this clip about their images and videos on the internet.  During the chat we perv on their barefeet.

Price: $9.99

More barefeet from Lady and Sadie!  Great sole posing and up close wrinkles in your face!

Price: $3.99

Models Lady and Sadie Holmes put all pairs of their barefeet and soles in your face!  Get in really closeup and inspect all the action!  At the beginning Lady gives you some verbal, hot instruction!

Price: $2.99

Model Lady, shows off her size 10 barefoot all up close and in your face.  Get all up in the action in this clip!

Price: $4.99

Camilla tells you to just stare at her feet.  During the clip she removes her sandals in order for you to get a better close up look at her soles and perfect arches.  This is…

Price: $5.99

This video is dedicated to the sole of Camilla.  While she's relaxing on the couch playing on her phone, you get a front seat view to watch her bare sole!

Price: $3.25

Here is a lost video clip that was filmed back in 2002. We worked with this model a few times and she had a great time showing off her soles and feet!

Price: $2.99

Watch and listen to Lela Beryl as she tells you how to jack to her sole as she points and flexes it in your face!

Price: $3.25