Tag: Slow Motion

Study model Daisy as she models her barefeet in sandals then takes them off to slowly put lotion on her hands and massages it into her barefeet!

Price: $10.99

Watch Abigail model her barefeet and sandals in this loud ASMR original audio clip.  The audio is loud and clear as she moves and flexes her feet in her sandals, you can hear the noise…

Price: $14.99

This video is the same as "Trixxie Lotions", but encoded in slow motion.  The video clarity is superb and awesome sound!  If you like slow motion video and it's accompanying audio, then you'll enjoy this…

Price: $19.99

Watch Andrea dangle her heels in slow motion.

Price: $4.25

Model:  Andrea Fetish Factors:  Barefeet, Soles, POV, Fisheye Views, Slow Motion, Heel Dangling

Price: $18.99