Tag: Shoe Play

Watch Abigail sit while chewing gum as she takes off her sneaker to expose her sock and slides it in and out of her sneaker mindlessly.  This clip has great detailed ASMR sounds of all…

Price: $8.99

Watch model Candy model her sexy silver heels in her mini skirt in the first part of this clip.  The second part is a great ASMR of her playing with her mules in barefeet while…

Price: $11.99

Abigail models her tan heels while she moves her barefoot in and out of them while you watch.  The ASMR of the sounds her shoes and feet make are toetally awesome!  Headphones are highly recommended…

Price: $9.25

Watch Abigail struggle and play with her new tan heels!  She starts of by just moving her foot around with her shoe on, then she tries to get her shoe to feel more comfortable on…

Price: $11.99

Model Jen poses her barefeet in lots of scenarios in this clip.  Sitting on a stool waving her barefoot around in your face, then more of that while sitting... then she moves her foot in…

Price: $9.99

Trinity shows off her shoes and barefeet.  Great closeups of her taking off her shoes and posing her barefoot in your face!

Price: $4.25

Follow Morgan Del Ray as she goes into the bathroom to do her hair.  Lots of interesting angles!

Price: $2.25

Watch as Gia poses her strappy shoe and foot in this closeup exploration video.  Awesome clear closeups of her heels and toes as she plays on her phone and moves her foot around not knowing…

Price: $11.25

Amy and Liz are standing up against a brick wall while they pose their barefeet and shoes for your enjoyment!  You get all up in their feet and shoes to get a better look.

Price: $4.25

Models Amy and Liz walk around an old warehouse in their heels and barefeet while you follow very, very close behind checking out every detail!

Price: $3.99