Tag: Shoe Dangling

Another video shot back in 2002 with model, Tienne.  We worked with her just once, but she really had a thing for showing off her feet!  Great dangling and bare sole modeling!

Price: $9.99

Another archive clip featuring model Amy simply showing off her strappy heel and dangle talents!  Great closeups and awesome angles!

Price: $4.99

Watch and listen to Abigail as she climbs a ladder in her skirt and ballet flats in order to get high up enough to reach the lights. She has a duster and wants to clean…

Price: $12.99

Watch Abigail model her barefeet and sandals in this loud ASMR original audio clip.  The audio is loud and clear as she moves and flexes her feet in her sandals, you can hear the noise…

Price: $14.99

Watch Rosaleah pose her barefeet and dangle her sandals in this extreme POV clip.  Later on in the clip she also chews gum in which you can hear all the original audio.

Price: $8.99

Allegra models first in her latex outfit and high heels as she towers over you in lots of pov shots and angles - next watch her simply dangle her heels as to show off her…

Price: $15.25

Morgan DelRay and her friend Marylin model their feet for you in a few different scenarios.  Great pov giantess views and shoe dangling and plain old barefeet!  Great clip to add to your collection! Also…

Price: $9.25

Watch Morgan DelRay model her boots, socks and barefeet in the beginning of this clip.  Later on we see her with her friend showing off their sandals and dangling talents! No original audio...

Price: $7.99

Desiree Angel and her friend show off their shoe dangling talents and barefeet posing in your face!

Price: $4.99

Watch model Trixxie show off her barefeet and shoe dangling skills in this loud original audio video clip.  Awesome closeups of all the dangling and sole wrinkling action!

Price: $5.25