Tag: Sandals

Candy models her tan sandals up close as you watch her point and flex her barefeet while she poses them.

Price: $11.99

Get behind Camilla's sandals and listen to all the cool sounds her barefeet make as she walks through the room!  Great ASMR POV clip!!

Price: $4.99

Camilla models her sandals up close with lots of loud and clear audio ASMR.  Watch up close how she moves her barefeet around and poses in her sandals!

Price: $6.99

Coco models her sandals with her new pedicure!  Original audio.

Price: $4.25

This is an ASMR clip where you can hear loud and clear the noises AllyCat's barefeet make in her sandals and on the bed!  Some parts in slow motion.  Great with headphones!

Price: $7.99

Study model Daisy as she models her barefeet in sandals then takes them off to slowly put lotion on her hands and massages it into her barefeet!

Price: $10.99

Watch Abigail model her barefeet and sandals in this loud ASMR original audio clip.  The audio is loud and clear as she moves and flexes her feet in her sandals, you can hear the noise…

Price: $14.99

This is a multi-part videoclip with Desiree-Angel.  She models and poses her feet in lots of ways!  In sandals, in "The Pose", lots of pov under soles shots and wrinkled soles closeups!  She knows you…

Price: $14.25

Watch model Andrea model her sandal and her barefoot right in your face.  She looks down upon you as she does it.

Price: $4.99

Watch Coco show off her baresoles and her sandal shoeplay talents!

Price: $7.99