Tag: Sandals

Watch model Sasha model her sandals while sitting in the chair then walks over to the car and presses the gas pedal barefoot!

Price: $6.25

Watch model Addie Juniper dangle her sandals while sitting on this scooter.  Great under shoe and foot angles and closeups!

Price: $4.25

Watch model Andrea model her sandal and her barefoot right in your face.  She looks down upon you as she does it.

Price: $4.99

Watch model Morgan Del Ray dangle her sandal and give you great views of her feet and shoes!  In other scenes you get to follow behind her as a one inch tall tiny...  examine her…

Price: $10.99

Watch Coco show off her baresoles and her sandal shoeplay talents!

Price: $7.99

Coco slaps her sandal against her barefoot while you listen to the sounds it makes.

Price: $2.99

Gia dangles her sandal while you watch up close.  She makes some comments to you wondering what you're doing....  Great angles and closeups.

Price: $4.99

Model Lexi and Rosado pose their feet in their sandals for you to gaze at while they chat about life.  Great pov and under foot dangling action too!

Price: $10.99

Daisy looks out the back window while playing with her sandals and barefeet.  Great closeups and sounds of her sandals!

Price: $3.99