Tag: POV

A great tiny guy pov clip where Eve checks out her nose ring in the mirror while you are a tiny little person spying on her barefeet!  Great low angle extreme POV shots!

Price: $5.99

Eve sits on the couch watching TV while our mini pov cam investigates her barefeet, toepoint and all the dirt in her toes!  Great extreme pov closeups!

Price: $5.99

Get down low and follow behind Celtic Goddess's barefeet as she walks around the house.

Price: $5.99

Morgan McLuvvin repeatedly steps on your face over and over very slowly with her size 10 barefoot!  Watch all the sole and scrunching in your face!

Price: $2.99

Watch and listen to Abigail as she climbs a ladder in her skirt and ballet flats in order to get high up enough to reach the lights. She has a duster and wants to clean…

Price: $12.99

This is mult-part clip where Colo models her sandals, does a quick workout on the elliptical and relaxes on the couch while twirling her hair.  The entire video is shot with our mini-cam!  Great closeup…

Price: $10.99

This video was a custom which stars Desiree Angel.  She is waiting for you at a coffee shop and you're really late and because of your tardiness she kisses you to say hello and then…

Price: $14.99

This is a multi-part videoclip with Desiree-Angel.  She models and poses her feet in lots of ways!  In sandals, in "The Pose", lots of pov under soles shots and wrinkled soles closeups!  She knows you…

Price: $14.25

Watch Abigail come in from an outside workout to sit on the side of the bathtub while showing off her size 4 sneakers, socks and barefeet in your face!  Great original audio of her taking…

Price: $11.99

A great pov video following Eve in her pink ankle socks.  She takes them off later in the clip as you follow her barefeet too.  Great angles and closeups.

Price: $4.25