Tag: Lotion

Camilla massages lotion into her feet and then decides to get a little upset with you...  The ending of the clip she wants you to hear how her ankle makes a popping sound!  Not sure…

Price: $2.99

Watch model Camilla lotion her barefoot right in your face.  The audio is loud and detailed for a great ASMR effect!  Headphones are suggested for best results!

Price: $2.25

Study model Daisy as she models her barefeet in sandals then takes them off to slowly put lotion on her hands and massages it into her barefeet!

Price: $10.99

This video is the same as "Trixxie Lotions", but encoded in slow motion.  The video clarity is superb and awesome sound!  If you like slow motion video and it's accompanying audio, then you'll enjoy this…

Price: $19.99