Tag: Humiliation

This was a custom video where model Camilla starts out by getting really sweaty by doing her daily working in her home gym.  She starts out by stretching and is barefoot.  Great angles and closeups…

Price: $14.99

Model Jen here once again to show off her barefeet and flip flop talent!  From lotioning to putting her barefoot sole on your face all while talking to you and encouraging you!

Price: $19.99

Sammy bosses you around and makes you massage her feet while she works hard at her desk.  You get under her desk and take care of her feet as she demands.

Price: $4.99

Sammy teases you in this clip where she wants you to get down by her feet and look very close at her feet and sole wrinkles!

Price: $2.99

Watch Angela go off as you really pissed her off this time.  She makes you get down on the floor and get really close to her shoes and barefeet.

Price: $6.25