Tag: Flip Flops

Model Candy shows you her flip flop talent as she dangles them in your face!  Great under foot and shoe angles and closeups!

Price: $5.99

Barefeet, soles and wrinkles are the name of the game in this clip.  Awesome closeups and low angles of flip flop dangling too!

Price: $8.99

Watch Georgia peach, Daisy dangle her flip flop in jeans up close and in your face!

Price: $6.99

Watch Daisy model her barefeet and flip flops dangling expertise in this great clip!

Price: $10.99

Watch as we explore all around OnyxKim's flip flop dangling talents.  Great angles and closeups of her posing her barefoot moving her flip flop around while watching TV.

Price: $4.99

Get all up close and into her flip flops as Morgan McLuvvin shows off her dangling talents.  Later in the clip she lets her flip flop fall off so you can get a great view…

Price: $5.99

La Creme knows of your weakness when you see her Feet in flip flops. She teases you by dangling her flip flops, causing you to helplessly beat yourself off violently. You are unable to stop from doing this...and you will certainly…

Price: $3.25

Desiree Angel dangles her flip flop all in your face while we listen in on all the original audio.  There is also a part in this clip where we actually put a small microphone inside…

Price: $7.99

Gia once again models her flip flops while we perv on her feet in extreme pov style!

Price: $2.99