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Watch Onyx Kim and her friend Krystal chat it up about boys and just girl stuff.  Next is extreme gum chewing and sole poses!  Great ASMR clip!!!  Great loud original audio!

Price: $4.99

Watch and listen to model Jen talk about why you like her feet...  She just wants to know!

Price: $4.25

Watch Abigail come in from an outside workout to sit on the side of the bathtub while showing off her size 4 sneakers, socks and barefeet in your face!  Great original audio of her taking…

Price: $11.99

Abigail models her tan heels while she moves her barefoot in and out of them while you watch.  The ASMR of the sounds her shoes and feet make are toetally awesome!  Headphones are highly recommended…

Price: $9.25

Abigail dangles her brand new heels in this audio intensive clip.  Headphones are recommended to get the full effect.  Watch her shoeplay where you can hear the leather noise as she moves her foot around…

Price: $6.99

Eve plays on her phone while posing her gray sneakers and pink ankle socks.  Later in the clip she removes her sneakers to show you her pink socks!  Great under foot views and extreme closeups. …

Price: $6.99

Watch more of Eve posing her soles and toes while she watches her favorite Netflix show.  Great original audio in this clip too!  Eve shows off her perfect wrinkled soles!

Price: $4.25

Watch Eve and Khi show off their soles and wrinkles while they chat about girl stuff.  Great original audio!

Price: $2.99

Desiree Angel really likes her new tan shoes and wants to show them off to you really up close!  This video is shot with all original audio while you watch Desiree and hear the movie…

Price: $5.20