Solara Wants A Foot Rub

You’ve just returned home from shopping with your girlfriend Solara.  It wasn’t really something you wanted to do but you want to keep her happy so you went along anyways.  Once home she tells you that her feet are sore from all the walking around and now she wants a foot rub.  You’re tired too so you decline and before you can get up to leave she asks you to taste a new tea she made.  You quickly take a sip to appease her but after gulping it down you start to feel a little funny.
Solara giggles a little bit and all of a sudden you feel your body beginning to shrink!  You feel dizzy, your vision begins to blur and when things clear you are looking at Solara’s heels.  She picks you up off of the floor and you realize that you’re going to be giving her that foot rub whether you like it or not.
This is a POV video with lots of close ups of our new model Solara’s feet, soles and toes.  It contains some sound effects, music and effects.
This was a custom video
Release date:April 3, 2021
Last updated:April 3, 2021
File format:MP4
File size:1.8GB
Length:10 Mins, 31 Secs