Shrunken At The Office Party

Kimi heard about an office party after work and decided to stop by for a while to mingle.  But when she arrives she’s greeted by an empty room!  Surely they would have sent out a memo letting her know it was cancelled right?  She even wore her new dress she wanted to show off and some brand new heels. Maybe they’re just a little late she thinks so she decides to make herself comfortable and sits down to take off the new heels.  They make her feet a little sore.

While doing this Kimi is unaware that her coworkers are indeed there at the party with her..  They have been mysteriously shrunken and have been desperately trying to get her attention so that she might help.  As a matter of fact Kimi already unknowingly crushed two people from accounting when she walked into the room.  While waiting she talks to a friend on her phone while another tiny coworker stands at her bare, pedicured toes.  He is screaming and try to get her to notice him but he better be careful around those lethal feet.

After a while she begins to get impatient and hungry.  She sees some of the ice cream that was left out for treats and can’t resist the temptation to sneak a little bit of the melty, chocolate goodness before the others arrive.  Unbeknown to Kimi some of her tiny coworkers also became desperate and hungry themselves and were already helping themselves.  Surely the tiny employees wouldn’t be foolish enough to loiter in such a dangerous place.

This video has both 3rd person views with tiny figurines and POV first person views.  There is ominous music, sound effects and camera shakes.

This was a custom video

Release date:March 25, 2021
Last updated:March 25, 2021
File format:MP4
File size:2.7GB
Length:15 Mins, 19 Secs