Shrunken And Swallowed For Making Your Last Mistake

This video begins in a blur.  You’ve just woken up and as your eyesight returns you look up to see your beautiful wife Veronika looming over you.  She does not look happy.  You’ve been cheating on your wife  for some time now.  You had been covering your tracks pretty well but you got sloppy and made a fatal mistake.  You fell resting and left your laptop open and now she found some emails talking about the great time you had with your mistress.

You feel sick to your stomach and begin to push yourself up when you realize something is very wrong.  You aren’t in your bed where you fell resting.  As a matter of fact you’re not even in the bedroom.  Your head spins as you survey your landscape and realize in an instant that you’re sitting on your kitchen counter!  You look up at your wife again and she is grinning at you with delight.  You stand up, look down at yourself and look back up at your towering wife.  You’re no bigger than 3/4″ tall!

Veronika explains to you that she found your emails to this woman and that in her anger she found a shrinking potion online on some shading website.  She didn’t know if it would work but she gave you a few drops when you were napping and now since it did she’s going to get rid of you permanently for your betrayal. She explains calmly that you are going to step over to the edge of the counter and you’re going to feed yourself to her!  She even fashioned a little plank for you to walk out on to meet your demise..

You beg and plead for your life but she’s not hearing it.  As you stand out on the edge of the plank your wife eyes your little body up and down. You can do this the easy way or the hard way she says and then her cavernous mouth parts, her hot breath hits you, and you realize this is the end.

Release date:March 25, 2021
Last updated:March 25, 2021
File format:MP4
File size:1.6GB
Length:8 Mins, 36 Secs