Shrinking You Down!

This video was a custom which stars Desiree Angel.  She is waiting for you at a coffee shop and you’re really late and because of your tardiness she kisses you to say hello and then shrinks you down.  While you’re in a shrunken state, she places you in the strap of her sandal to make you dizzy while she moves her foot around.  Later on when she arrives back at her house you are now attached to her foot and ride on it as she walks around her house giving you a tour.  She also exercises while you are on her foot as well.  Later in the clip she smothers you with wet kisses and you are now forced to be small and live in her house forever.

Release date:March 14, 2021
Last updated:March 14, 2021
File format:MP4
File size:1.5GB
Length:15 Mins, 19 Secs