Practical Joke Gone Wrong

You’ve invited your secretary Remi over for a business lunch and you are just finishing up eating.  You have always enjoyed her company and thought it would be funny if you played a little practical joke on her.  You found a shrink spray online and decided that you would use it on her after lunch.  This will be fun!

You spray Remi with it and unfortunately she doesn’t find it very funny at all.  You tell her it was just a joke and that it is supposed to make her shrink.  She gets angry with you and starts to storm out when she stops and starts feeling funny.  You are a little excited as you didn’t really believe it would work yourself.  But you get confused when she begins to grow instead of shrink!

She grows to the ceiling before your eyes and you are beyond words.  She grabs the spray can from you and decides to use it on you since you think it’s so funny.  There is something strange with this spray as instead of making you grow too you begin to shrink to the floor in front of her.

Down at Remi’s pretty, pedicured toes now you look up to see her grinning down at you.  “Not so funny anymore is it little man?” she askes.  You feel a lump in your throat as she waves her giant bare soles above your tiny head.  I guess you didn’t really think this through…

This was a custom POV video

Release date:March 24, 2021
Last updated:March 24, 2021
File format:MP4
File size:1GB
Length:14 Mins, 41 Secs