Mine Forever Little Man – Continued

Jade returns in a sequel to her previous video “You’re Mine Forever Little Man”!  In the previous video Jade was an ex-girlfriend of yours who wasn’t taking no for an answer.  She shrunk you down so she could keep you forever as her tiny little boyfriend.
This POV video begins with you on the floor of Jade’s bedroom.  Her foot steps boom as she walks into the room calling for you.  She spots you on the floor and smiles with delight.  “There you are!  Look at you!  You’re sooo cute!”  You’ve been living with her for some time now and you’ve accepted the fact that you are now basically hers forever.  I guess it could be worse you think.  At least she cares about me.
Jade picks you up and puts you on the bed with her and tells you how happy she is that you’re together and that it’s so great because now you can never get away.  She kisses you all over and then places you down next to her toes.  “Time for a little pampering!”  She says with a smile as she takes off her socks.  At first you couldn’t believe she wanted you to clean and rub her feet and toes.  But after doing this for a while you think maybe this isn’t so bad after all…
Release date:April 3, 2021
Last updated:April 3, 2021
File format:MP4
File size:931MB
Length:16 Mins, 34 Secs