Kitty Quinn’s Shrunken Smelly Foot Slave

You booked a foot session with the beautiful Kitty Quinn and you can’t wait to worship her sexy feet.  She also claims that she has found a way to shrink people during her sessions but you assumed that this is just a part of her act.  When she arrives you can hardly contain your excitement as she goes over the paperwork.  You sign hastily and can’t wait to begin.

Kitty explains that she wasn’t joking about the shrink potion  and wants to make sure that you’re serious about this.  You can’t believe that this is actually true and tell her you’re ready!  She has a towel soaked with the potion and holds it up to your face.  You take a deep breath and fade out of consciousness.

When you wake up you are on the floor and you see Kitty’s huge sneakers in front of you.  She’s towering above you and giggling about how cute and adorable you are.  You can’t believe it but she has actually done it!  You stand only about 6 inches tall!  She picks you up and puts you on the bed and then begins removing her shoes excitedly.  You’ve always had a fetish for sexy feet and smelly feet are even better.  Kitty was at the gym before coming to the session so she explains that her sexy smelly feet are definitely ripe!

There is not turning back now.  You are Kitty Quinn’s tiny, smelly foot slave and she can’t wait to get foot rubs, kisses and all the feet worship she wants out of you.  Hope you are ready to work!

This is a POV video

Release date:March 25, 2021
Last updated:March 25, 2021
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File size:436MB
Length:11 Mins, 50 Secs