How The Tables Have Turned – Full Length

This is a POV clip where you have decided to attempt to rob Solara at her house after a party.  You approach her and tell her to give you her money but she surprisingly resists.  She doesn’t seem very frightened of you which seems strange as you are much bigger and stronger than she is.  Your threats seem to fall on deaf ears but before you can take it a step further she pulls a device from her pocket and zaps you with it.

In less than a second you are down at the floor staring at her feet and heels.  She has somehow shrunken you down to 6 inches tall!  She picks you up and sets you on the coffee table and tells you how it’s going to be.  Since you threatened her she’s going to return the favor.  She tells you that you’re going to rub and kiss her feet since she’s been walking around in heels all night.  At first you refuse but she kicks you a few times and you realize there is not point in resisting any longer.

What you thought would be an easy score has turned into something quite different.  Will you every be normal sized again?

This clip has a short shrink scene and LOTS of close ups of Solara’s soles.

This was a custom clip

Release date:March 25, 2021
Last updated:March 25, 2021
File format:MP4
File size:3GB
Length:17 Mins, 27 Secs