Category: Simply Fetish

We spied on Jen and her friend as they chitchat about wanting boyfriends to massage their feet and how their feet hurt after all the walking they just did.  Get in close to their socks…

Price: $7.25

Desiree Angel and her friend show off their shoe dangling talents and barefeet posing in your face!

Price: $4.99

Model Jen poses her barefeet in lots of scenarios in this clip.  Sitting on a stool waving her barefoot around in your face, then more of that while sitting... then she moves her foot in…

Price: $9.99

Watch these cuties mess around on their ipad while our pov camera pervs around on their feet, legs and shoes!

Price: $6.99

Watch these two college girls model and pose their barefeet in your face for lots of great closeups and pov angles.  Near the end they step on your face in a great pov shot!

Price: $7.25

Watch as this model poses her barefeet in her orange sandals.  Great closeups and watch as she points and flexes her toes in her shoes!

Price: $2.75

Watch these two college girls relax and watch TV while they play with their shoes, dangle and pose their feet!  Great angles and closeups!

Price: $9.25

Watch these two models wear their sandals, and sneakers and show them off for you in your face...  Follow them like a small tiny person and watch closely how they dangle until they fall off...

Price: $9.99