Category: Scarlet Jay

Scarlet Jay demonstrates her new massager on her bare sole.  Original audio and in ASMR quality!  Headphones are best for this clip!

Price: $7.25

Watch Scarlet Jay relax on the couch while we perv on her feet in some really cool closeups and pov angles!

Price: $4.25

Scarlet Jay wants to chat with you about her day and how her feet are sore and sweaty.  Watch as she slowly takes off her sock while she talks to you.  Original audio.

Price: $2.99

Watch more of Scarlet Jay model her sexy fishnets and black heels while she moves her hands up and down her legs so you can hear very loudly all the little scratchy details!  If you…

Price: $6.25

If you like fishnets and the sounds they make then this clip is for you...  Watch Scarlet Jay tell you how you should be treating her while she chews gum and explains to you what…

Price: $3.25

Watch Scarlet Jay model her red slingback shoes right in your face!

Price: $1.99