Category: Fetish

Model:  Julie Jewelz Factors:  Flip Flops, barefeet, pov angles, closeups, soles and wrinkles.  Legacy clip.

Price: $4.25

Models:  Alexis and Chickie Fetish Factors:  Flip flops, pov, soles, barefeet, under foot views, extreme closeups!

Price: $13.99

Model: AllyCat Fetish Factors:  Barefeet, "The Pose", Soles, Wrinkled soles, Light Humiliation

Price: $10.99

Daisy looks out the back window while playing with her sandals and barefeet.  Great closeups and sounds of her sandals!

Price: $3.99

Watch Daisy point her toes right at you after her sandal dangling is complete.  Great pov angles and closeups!

Price: $9.99