Category: Desiree Angel

Desiree Angel walks around in the grass while you follow her along like a tiny!

Price: $9.99

Watch Desiree Angel relax on a bench showing off her sandals!

Price: $4.99

Just sit there and watch Desiree Angel's bare sole!

Price: $5.99

Desiree Angel dangles her shoe in slow motion.  Great angles and closeups!

Price: $11.99

Desiree Angel poses just her bare soles in your face up close to you get a great look at all the details!

Price: $8.99

This video was a custom which stars Desiree Angel.  She is waiting for you at a coffee shop and you're really late and because of your tardiness she kisses you to say hello and then…

Price: $14.99

This is a multi-part videoclip with Desiree-Angel.  She models and poses her feet in lots of ways!  In sandals, in "The Pose", lots of pov under soles shots and wrinkled soles closeups!  She knows you…

Price: $14.25

Desiree Angel models and poses her barefeet in this clip for you in all kinds of poses. Lots of soles and scrunches and wrinkles. Great closeups too! This clip was edited with some relaxing music.…

Price: $24.99

Desiree Angel really likes her new tan shoes and wants to show them off to you really up close!  This video is shot with all original audio while you watch Desiree and hear the movie…

Price: $5.20

Desiree Angel dangles her flip flop all in your face while we listen in on all the original audio.  There is also a part in this clip where we actually put a small microphone inside…

Price: $7.99