Category: Daisy

A great voyeuristic style clip while Daisy watches TV from the couch.  We get all kinds of great closeups and pov shots of her bare soles!!

Price: $5.99

More Daisy showing off her bare soles in this clip.  She reads a magazine while she has her barefeet propped up on a stool!

Price: $5.99

Watch Georgia peach, Daisy dangle her flip flop in jeans up close and in your face!

Price: $6.99

Watch Daisy model her barefeet and flip flops dangling expertise in this great clip!

Price: $10.99

Study model Daisy as she models her barefeet in sandals then takes them off to slowly put lotion on her hands and massages it into her barefeet!

Price: $10.99

Daisy looks out the back window while playing with her sandals and barefeet.  Great closeups and sounds of her sandals!

Price: $3.99

Watch Daisy point her toes right at you after her sandal dangling is complete.  Great pov angles and closeups!

Price: $9.99