Category: Camilla

This was a custom video where model Camilla starts out by getting really sweaty by doing her daily working in her home gym.  She starts out by stretching and is barefoot.  Great angles and closeups…

Price: $14.99

Camilla shaves her legs in this extreme pov video.  She first tells you that she will be shaving her legs then as the video moves on, you end up riding on her razor while she…

Price: $6.99

Watch model Camilla pose her barefeet while sitting on the edge of the bathtub - lots of sole posing and pointing then the second half of the clip she's on the couch with more soles…

Price: $6.99

Model Camilla is waiting for her boyfriend to come home, but what she doesn't know is that he is home but he is too tiny for her to see!  This video is from the POV…

Price: $13.99

You are so tiny that you sneak around in the bathroom while models Camilla and Fy get ready for their dates. You perv around on the floor and checkout their barefeet and legs.

Price: $6.99

Camilla and her friend continue to chat and like their lolipops and pose their barefeet in lots of different angles!  There is a foot massage session at the end too...

Price: $4.99

Watch Camilla and her friend just hang out on the couch while we perv on her friend's barefeet as she poses them for us!

Price: $6.99

Get up close to Camilla's bare soles as she hangs out in the kitchen.

Price: $7.99

Follow behind closely to Camilla's barefeet as she walks

Price: $3.99