Category: Camilla

Camilla is relaxing on her beanbag chair just posing and flexing her barefeet for you to watch and stare at...  Great closeups and angles of her flexing and pointing her toes right into your face. …

Price: $10.99

Watch Camilla study.  Get really good views of her feet while she studies!

Price: $9.99

Watch Camilla and Shelby chat in this clip about their images and videos on the internet.  During the chat we perv on their barefeet.

Price: $9.99

Watch as our camera pervs on Shel and Camilla as they chitchat about whatever girls chitchat about.  Great views of their sexy shoes and nylons and then Camilla later on in the video takes off…

Price: $7.99

Watch Camilla in this slow motion voyeuristic video.  We see her working on her laptop studying really hard but we also spy on her feet and what she is doing!  Does she notice??

Price: $9.99

Get behind Camilla's sandals and listen to all the cool sounds her barefeet make as she walks through the room!  Great ASMR POV clip!!

Price: $4.99

Camilla models her sandals up close with lots of loud and clear audio ASMR.  Watch up close how she moves her barefeet around and poses in her sandals!

Price: $6.99

Camilla tells you to just stare at her feet.  During the clip she removes her sandals in order for you to get a better close up look at her soles and perfect arches.  This is…

Price: $5.99

This video is dedicated to the sole of Camilla.  While she's relaxing on the couch playing on her phone, you get a front seat view to watch her bare sole!

Price: $3.25

Camilla massages lotion into her feet and then decides to get a little upset with you...  The ending of the clip she wants you to hear how her ankle makes a popping sound!  Not sure…

Price: $2.99