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This clip we follow low and close behind Tienne's barefeet as she walks around - then later in the clip she uses her bare soles to crush your face in POV....  Great scenes.

Price: $5.99

Another video shot back in 2002 with model, Tienne.  We worked with her just once, but she really had a thing for showing off her feet!  Great dangling and bare sole modeling!

Price: $9.99

Erica models her white mules and bare soles.  Great close ups and low angles to get you all the details!

Price: $11.99

Watch down low and up close how model Erica slips her barefoot in and out of her flip flop!

Price: $4.99

More Erica showing off her bare soles in this legacy clip filmed back in 2002!!!

Price: $7.99

Another clip from our archives features Erica posing her flip flops and barefeet!  We worked with her just the one time and she had a lot of fun showing off her feet!

Price: $6.99

Another archive clip featuring model Amy simply showing off her strappy heel and dangle talents!  Great closeups and awesome angles!

Price: $4.99

Another hot videoclip from our archives... get low on the ground and follow right behind their shoes and barefeet as they walk...also some slow motion too.  Great original audio of their shoes walking on those…

Price: $6.99

This is another clip from the archives featuring Amy and Liz.  This is from the POV of a creeper that keeps annoying them and just looks at their feet as they kick you away and…

Price: $9.99

This was a model we did a video shoot with back in 2001.  This clip was pulled from our archives and features model Marie posing in her sneakers, socks, heels and lots of barefeet and…

Price: $14.99