Aqua’s Shrunken Foot Massager Experiment

You had an amazing date night with “Aqua” who you met the other night.  She is unlike any woman you’ve ever met and the date went so well that you ended up spending the night at her place!  You fell resting next to her unable to believe your amazing luck.

That is until you woke up the next morning..

This clip begins with you waking up in her bed with the sun peeking in through the blinds against her white linens and you can hear the birds chirping outside.  You rested great and feel so refreshed but as you rub the rest out of your eyes and survey your surroundings you begin to realize that something is very wrong..  Aqua is no where to be seen and when you sit up you suddenly see that the bed you are laying on is enormous!  Panic grips you as you stand and begin walking towards the foot of the bed.  You gaze over the edge and see that it is quite a drop.  You scan the room come to the conclusion that the bed is not indeed larger but you have become much smaller!  Looking down at yourself you’re now only half a foot tall!

Just as you begin to wonder how the heck something like this could have happened you hear keys jingling and Aqua walks into the room.  “Hey! You’re up!” she says with a smile.  She must have been working out you think as she looks a little sweaty and is wearing a tank top and short shorts with her long, brunette locks tied back behind her head.  She puts her things down and explains that she was waiting for you to wake up so she went for a nice little walk and has just returned.  She walks to the edge of the bed where you’re standing and kneels down to get down to your level.

She then begins to explain to you that you’re really nice and everything and she had a great time but there was actually another reason why she wanted to take you home with her.  She had vaguely mentioned that she worked for the government last night and you didn’t pay much attention as you were more interested in her than where she worked.  She continues to explain that she’s working on a secret shrinking experiment for them and she got a little impatient with how slow things were moving.  So she snuck some out of the lab and decided to try some on you.

You are in utter disbelief at how nonchalantly she is telling you this.  Like it is no big deal!!  You don’t even know what to say!  Before you can even speak she tells you she might get a promotion if things go well so she wants to be sure she is thorough.  She says you might be stuck like this for weeks, months, maybe even years!  She then gets up and a bit of a mischievous smile forms on her face as crawls onto the bed with you and says that since you’ll now have some more free time that there are some things that you could do for her at your new size..

She pulls her knees up to herself, reaches forward, and begins to untie her running shoes right in front of you.  She pulls them off, revealing her white socks, and wiggles her toes a bit.  “Soo, I thought since you’re down there already I thought you’d make a really good foot massager.”  You are dumbfounded and for some reason you find yourself unable to resist her.  You take a tiny step forward towards her massive socked soles.  Her feet are taller than you! You begin to rub up and down against the fabric and you can feel her feet and toes move beyond it.  You don’t get very far before you hear Aqua say, “Why don’t we get these pesky socks out of the way?”  She peels off the sock on her foot directly in front of you and the scent of her warm toes wafts into your face.

It seems that date night has turned into something entirely different…

Features lots of close ups of Aqua’s size 10 feet, soles and toes!

This was a custom video

Release date:March 24, 2021
Last updated:March 24, 2021
File format:MP4
File size:1GB
Length:12 Mins, 54 Secs